• October 4, 2022
  • by Mark
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I was having a 10+ day of pain in my neck with spasms, jaw pain and then a MIGRAINE came on.  I was literally in bed all day taking Excedrin Migraine and putting ice at the base of my skull and a heating pad on my neck . . . my pain was so bad nothing was making much of a difference.  My brother asked if I wanted to try his CBD balm.  I was so desperate I said I did even though I’d tried a few other brands before and I didn’t notice improvement.  I was amazed that in about 30 minutes I started to feel some relief!  Now when my neck starts hurting I start applying the balm right away before it gets bad, it helps relieve the pain and it keeps it from getting bad!

I give this product a thumbs up, FIVE STARS!!

thank you :