Softgel Bundle Package – Bundle Save Special – Free Shipping


Bundle and Save, Free Shipping.  Proprietary H2O soluble PCR CBD oil increasing bioavailability by up to 5 X more than CBD delivered in oil form Рpharmaceutical grade. 0.0% THC

100% Organic Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) CBD oil Balm created with beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils. 0.0% THC


Softgel Capsules:

Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) CBD oil softgels are created with proprietary water-soluble liquid and contain 25mg of cannabidiol(CBD) per dose.  Our Softgels have over 40 naturally present synergistic terpenes and are designed to have maximum absorption and optimum bioavailability.

The cannabinoid emulsion droplets range from 10-50 nm in size, maximizing the surface area for in-vivo absorption. The resulting bioavailability is 3-5 times higher than cannabinoids delivered in oil, leading to enhanced biological response.

Recommended Use: Take 1-4 capsules daily as needed.

For maximum freshness keep at room temperature away from humidity, heat and light.

Balm Topical:

Active ingredient: phytocannabinoid rich CBD oil. Inactive Ingredients: Beeswax, MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides), essential oils. 0.0% THC

500mg per 2oz container phytocannabinoid rich for maximum bioavailability

Apply liberally as needed directly to affected joint and muscle aches and pains. Can also be applied to wrist and temples for quick absorption.



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