I was having a 10+ day of pain in my neck with spasms, jaw pain and then a MIGRAINE came on.  I was literally in bed all day taking Excedrin Migraine and putting ice at the base of my skull and a heating pad on my neck . . . my pain was so bad nothing was making much of a difference.  My brother asked if I wanted to try his CBD balm.  I was so desperate I said I did even though I'd tried a few other brands before and I didn't notice improvement.  I was amazed that in about 30 minutes I started to feel some relief!  Now when my neck starts hurting I start applying the balm right away before it gets bad, it helps relieve the pain and it keeps it from getting bad! I give this product a thumbs up, FIVE STARS!! thank you : Allison

10+ day of neck pain, migraine, jaw pain and spasms

My Step son bought me a jar of the Phyto Farms CBD balm topical for a Mother's Day present. I had heard from a friend that it helped her with arthritis but was skeptical it would help me. I couldn't believe it when I tried it. I had immediate relief from my lower back all the way down my leg. I haven't changed my exercise routine and I don't know if it's that my leg is getting better but I can now do exercises I couldn't do before and I don't have nearly the problem with my leg.  I still get sore from my aggressive bootcamp exercise program, my back still hurts and I take epson salt baths and ice it but when I put the CBD balm on, it takes away the pain immediately. I guess you can teach an old dog a new trick...  Surprised Sixty One Year Old CBD Convert!

Kat M Sacramento, Ca

Phyto farms CBD oil has helped me with my daily aches and muscle soreness.  Really noticed being more calm throughout the day, especially in typically stressful situations at work.

Carson M.

With all the CBD companies out there, it's hard to find a reliable brand. This is a great company, with fantastic customer service. Ask for Josh when you call.


Since using Phyto Farms 1500mg Tincture everyday I found myself to retain more information and think more clearly.  Ultimately the CBD has helped me preform at a higher level giving me the joy of great success both at work and with home life.


Your CBD really helped me through my divorce. I had a lot anxiety and emotional pain. I took your 1000mg drops under my tongue twice a day and it helped me to be productive and focused throughout the day. It didn't heal my broken heart, but it certainly helped me process my situation and move on and out of depression. Much appreciated!


Thank you Phyto Farms! This a very good CBD company with high customer service. Plus they answer the phone promptly. When I had a few questions regarding their water soluble softgels, Josh was very patient and understanding with extensive knowledge on his products. Thank you so much.


I’ve dreamt about non-psychoactive flowers being available. I wanted relief without the high. This Hemp Oil CBD tincture is life changing for my anxiety and chronic pain problems and all without the unwelcome psychoactive side effects of THC. This has changed my life - Literally! Such a positive step in the right direction.


As a weight lifter I tend to come across acute pain whether in my muscles or joints. Everyone knows how mentally and physically painful those leg days can be. The two to even sometimes three days after of absolute torture due to soreness. Since my last few months of rubbing in Phyto Farms CBD salve into my muscles after my workouts, I recover faster, have way less soreness and seem to actually have better workouts feeling even stronger than before.


I tried different CBD products from the US and UK and this oil is easily the most consistent and high quality oil I’ve found. I spent 18 months recovering from a broken neck and this stuff helped a lot more that other pain relief.

L. Lane

Ive been using your CBD tinctures for the past 5 months and feel absolutely amazing. Previously I had struggled with serious social anxiety as well as just plain old anxiety. My anxiety was to the point where I couldn't even leave the house, unless I absolutely had to. Then having to walk around mean mugging people for who knows why and life was just absolutely dreadful. I can honestly say since taking CBD that my mind is clear and I now walk around enjoying life with “joy and happiness”...most of the time! Haha


After I was rear ended at a stop light, the doctors said I should get C3-C4 fused. There is no chance that is happening. So I was taking every pain pill imaginable. But I HAD to find an alternative to pain pills. I felt like they were destroying my stomach amongst other things. I have been taking your CBD for 6 months and I have to say, not only has my neck pain subsided dramatically, but overall I feel amazing! I sleep better, have substantially more energy and no more pain pills!!! Thank You Phyto Farms!